Krav Maga for Beginners, Pražačka 9/19


10.9.2019 19:40 

Then every Tuesday and Thursday from 19:40 to 20:55. Class length is 75 min. Third voluntary sparring drills class is on Friday at 17:30.


  • How to defend yourself against unarmed and armed attacker
  • How to avoid conflicts
  • How to get in shape
  • Psychology of an attacker
  • How to be safer by changing your mindset and routines


Choketopus Gym Pražačka, Za Žižkovskou vozovnou 19, Prague 3


Classes are lead by certified instructor Martin Slabý.


The course costs 4 200 CZK per 3 months (3 classes per week).

In order to keep our students’ learning curve steep, the course size is highly limited. Fees should be paid at beforehand via wire transfer to 2301091400/2010. Please use a variable symbol from email we send you after filling in registration form below. Also please state your name in the note field.


More info about the course:

In our Beginners course we will teach you how to defend yourself against all manner of attacks as well as how to fight back. The course will also improve your overall fitness and endurance levels, as well as flexibility and co-ordination, and thus will improve your sense of wellbeing and confidence.

The course is open for everyone regardless of their physical condition, gender or previous experience with martial arts. You need only an open mind and willingness to learn!

When train with us you can have the confidence that you are training in the best self defence system in the world with highly qualified instructors all certified by Ministry of sports of Czech Reublic.  

First lesson

In the first lesson, our instructor, Martin Slabý, will give you the basics of the theory and practice of Krav Maga and go through the house and training rules.  So we will be able to simulate the stress of a real attack in our lessons without compromising your safety. Please, as we will be training as well, bring some comfortable sports clothes (T shirt and shorts/sweatpants will suffice), drinking bottle and flip-flops. The gym is equipped with tatami, so no need for shoes, as we train barefoot.

All our students are eligible for 10% discount on all gear at our partners’ shops (